Greeting from chairman of the board


We are delighted to present this brochure for the University Hospital Frankfurt. Our motto of “Where Knowledge becomes Health” is the statement we use to communicate our core vision: to incorporate scientifi c knowledge into medical practice for the direct benefi t of our patients. This is achieved through close cooperation between clinical research and treatment practices.

As a maximum care centre, we offer stateof-the-art treatments in all medical fi elds. In many areas, you have access to internationally leading innovative therapies, including techniques that are unique to the University Hospital Frankfurt on both a regional and international level. A selection of these therapies are presented on the following pages, after which we provide an introduction to the individual specialist departments and the comprehensive range of treatments offered at our hospital.

As modern-day cutting-edge medicine can only be provided with interdisciplinary cooperation, the university hospital has numerous interdisciplinary centres, such as the University Cancer Center, the Center of Neurovascular Diseases and the Transplant Center. These aim to ensure smooth cooperation between the various specialist areas to provide you, the patient, with individual treatment from one single source.

Frankfurt also has a great deal to offer as a location. As a European transport hub and fi nancial centre, the city lies within easy reach. The rich culture and international atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop for comfort and relaxation. Accommodation to suit all needs is available. The University Hospital Frankfurt will do all in its power to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The International Offi ce is on hand to advise and support you in all aspects relating to your treatment and to ensure you receive the optimal care.

It would be a pleasure to welcome you to Frankfurt.


The International Offi ce is the fi rst point of contact for international patients interested in obtaining treatment or already undergoing treatment at the University Hospital Frankfurt. We would therefore like to present our varied services to you. Our aim is for you to be able to concentrate fully on your recovery while we take care of the necessary paperwork. Thus our support naturally already begins before the actual start of treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with your treatment query. We will confer with the head physician of the department concerned to propose the treatment most appropriate to you. You will receive a cost estimate in English, German or Russian on this basis.

We will also support you in preparation of your stay, and are gladly on hand to assist with your visa application or extension, and with the search for suitable accommodation, an interpreter or translation services. We will provide on-site support, take care for any pressing needs you may have, and facilitate transparent invoicing to ensure that you are kept informed of all cost developments throughout your treatment. You will be presented with a clearly-organised fi nal invoice upon completion of your treatment

In short: from planning to invoicing, we take care of all aspects of your treatment – wherever possible, also in your native language. Please do not hesitate to conduct us should you be interested in obtaining treatment at the University Hospital Frankfurt.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes